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Opinions vary on what Cloud computing actually is. To most vendors it is their ability to provide you their software application(s) or services through their applications over the Web.

This requires your environment to adapt to and even be limited to their offering without customization and in most cases this results in limited support. That said, relocating your IT infrastructure to Cloud allow you to eliminate all or most of your Network infrastructure and the required upgrades and support realizing a significant financial benefit.

The flexibility of accessing your IT environment from anywhere as if you were at the office can also be significant to your business model. Ultimately only a fraction of your applications will be able to be ported to the Cloud, leaving you with a hybrid system and you will still need to retain an in-house IT environment. In this scenario, your business is not able to take advantage of the potential advantages a complete move to the Cloud has to offer.

Our CSG Cloud Solution is based on a simple operating principle: IT solutions are tools to improve a business by making it more efficient and competitive.

Cloud entails the move of your existing environment, as is, to the Cloud, thereby providing the benefits that Cloud computing is intended to provide but without the need to adapt your existing infrastructure to a diverse collage of currently available Cloud solutions.


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